JAVA Error Fix

To fix JAVA Error please follow the instructions that corresponds with the operating system of your computer.

Windows Instructions

Step 1-Download this file:

Windows ClearPlex Update

Step 2– Unplug Tablet

Remove the MicroUSB cord by unplugging it from the "Y" adapter and the power adapter. Do not plug it into your laptop just yet.

Step 3–Enable Developer Mode on tablet

Take a moment and watch the short below, it will demonstrate how to enable "developer mode" on the ClearPlex tablet. After watching, please follow the steps below:

Or follow these written steps to put the ClearPlex tablet in "developer mode":

  1. Swipe the Tablet from the top-right corner. You'll need to do this twice.
    The first swipe brings down the system menu. The second swipe brings down the settings panel.
  2. Click the "SETTINGS" button.
  3. Click the "ABOUT TABLET" button. (You'll need to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it).
  4. TAP the "BUILD NUMBER" seven (7) times until you get a message about becoming a developer (this differs slightly from the video).
  5. Hit the "BACK" button.
  6. Hit the "DEVELOPER OPTIONS" button (if it's not visible go back to step c).
  7. Enable "USB DEBUGGING" (hit "ALLOW" on the pop-up).
  8. Go back a screen and hit the "STORAGE" button.
  9. Hit the 3 squares in the upper right corner.
  10. Hit "USB Computer Connection".
  11. Change to "CAMERA".

Step 4–Perform the update

  1. Plug USB Cable into tablet and computer allow windows to setup the drivers.
  2. Extract the folder "ClearPlex-Update-Win" to your desktop.
  3. Open the folder "ClearPlex-Update-Win".
  4. Double-click the file "LoadUpdate.bat" (This will open a command prompt window and take about 15 seconds to complete)
  5. Go back into the tablet hit "HELP" then "DEVICE INFO" check to make sure the version is no longer "1.3.1"
  6. If you experience any issues please contact ClearPlex support at: 1 (844) 511-0776

adb -d install -r clearplex.apk

Mac Instructions

Download this file:

ClearPlex Update Mac

Linux Instructions

Download this file: 

ClearPlex Update Linux