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ClearPlex vs. Granny

We put ClearPlex to the test to prove that it's the most durable screen protector on the market!

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The Story

ClearPlex's invisible protection films are the best in the world. And we're out to prove just that. To show how durable ClearPlex is, we took a "shot" at testing it in the real world. We found the perfect granny for the job. She had no trouble hitting the target iPhones and MacBook Pro.

When we set out to test ClearPlex against a 20-gauge shotgun, we honestly had no idea what to expect. Don't get us wrong, we're confident that ClearPlex is the best. But quite frankly, a shotgun is enough to make anyone nervous.

Our good ol' granny got a good piece of the first iPhone and shattered the screen to pieces.

The second iPhone – this time with ClearPlex Invisible Protection Film on it – escaped without harm. Granny took a clear shot at it and, much to our relief, we found the iPhone all in one piece! ClearPlex: 1, Granny: 0. The ClearPlex screen protector not only protected the screen from shattering, but we removed the protector and there wasn't even a scratch on the surface of the phone!

But we weren't going to stop there.

Repeatedly, we shot the phone again and again. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. ClearPlex won the battle over and over again.

We won't doubt again. ClearPlex is and forever will be the best screen protector on the market. Proven.

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