The Company

Company Vision

ClearPlex® provides products that protect PEOPLE, important POSSESSIONS, and the PLANET.

Company Mission

ClearPlex® produces and distributes automotive glass protection film and related products for use throughout the world. ClearPlex® provides an economically sound solution to the problems of automotive glass damage and replacement, vehicle integrity and safety, and pollution caused by dumping broken automotive glass into landfills.

Why ClearPlex®?

Put ClearPlex® film on your vehicle now for the protection of lives and property, and to reduce costs and enhance vehicle operation. ClearPlex® is aggressively pursing new products that will be more durable, easier and less expensive to install.

ClearPlex® Film...From Manufacturer to Your Windshield

ClearPlex® Corporation ensures that Madico produces the best quality ClearPlex® film to protect your vehicle's glass. The Distributor for your country or region ensures that your dealer is trained to install ClearPlex® film with the highest standard of quality. The Dealer who works on your vehicle and the Installer who puts the film on your vehicle's glass know how to work on all types of windshields, from the standard sedan to the most complex buses, classic cars and luxury cars. They will use ClearPlex® film as an important addition to your Vehicle Protection System.