How to get longer battery life from your smart phone

October 18, 2013


There was once a time when a single charge of a cell phone battery could last for days, or even a week. Not anymore. Nowadays, phones are used for so much more than just calling others. Smart phones are used for just about everything, from calendars, banking access, entertainment, and email, to web access and photography. With their many uses, it is not surprising that one charge no longer lasts even a day, let alone a whole week.


Everyone has been in that situation where they wish they had access to something on their phone, only to have the battery die. What can be done to get longer battery life from your smart phone? Consider the following:


    • Turn it off when not in use. One excellent way to save battery is to not use up battery power when you do not need your phone.

    • Stop searching for service. Consider getting a cell phone repeater which can amplify your signal. Often, when out of a service area, or in an area with weak reception, the phone will search for service, draining the battery.

    • Don’t let it get too low. Lithium batteries are not designed to be run to empty, and this can damage the battery. Frequent charging can prolong battery life.

    • Turn off vibrate. It uses extra battery power.

    • Keep the volume low. Again, the higher volume requires a greater amount of battery power.

    • Turn off the backlight. If you do not need it, don’t waste battery power on it.

    • Turn off the extras. Bluetooth, GPS, infrared, and wireless, all suck battery power, and often when they are not in use. Only turn them on when you need them.

    • Turn down the display brightness. The brighter it is, the more battery it uses.

    • Use GSM rather than 3G. Using your phone in 3G / Dual Mode will drain the battery faster, you can get almost 50% more battery life using GSM mode only.

    • Be careful what you set as your background. Black screens use less power. Try setting web browser to black background as well, it saves power. Do not use an animated background or video.

    • Keep it cool. Extended exposure to heat will kill a battery. Try not to carry your phone in your pocket, as body heat can have an adverse effect.

    • Make sure you have a good charger. If your phone gets hot when charging, your charger may be malfunctioning, and this can damage the battery life.

    • Clean it from time to time. Some smart phones do not allow access to the battery, but if you have access, remember that dust and debris can sometimes accumulate, making energy transfer less efficient. Clean the battery contacts on the battery and on the phone to get a better connection.

    • Don’t use flash. On phones equipped with a camera, avoid using the flash as it is very powerful and therefore uses lots of energy.

    • Just talk. Playing games, watching video, taking photos, browsing the internet, and all those games and apps that use the internet will kill the battery. If you need to get longer battery life from your smart phone, spend less time on apps and extras.

    • Change your screen timeout. Most smart phones will go into sleep mode if there is no activity for a set amount of time. Set it to the shortest timeout available in your settings, as there is no need to use power when you aren’t using your phone.

    • Turn off notifications and syncing. Constant updates, notifications of messages, etc. can use a lot of battery power. It may be good to leave notifications on for certain aspects, such as emails, but limit what you get notified about to what is important. Sync manually.

  • Update apps regularly. Updates may include changes that increase battery efficiency. Staying up with the latest versions of apps can help preserve battery life.