Why D.C. is The Most Risky Place to Own a Car [Car Theft Infographic]

August 26, 2013

After you read this sentence, it's likely another car has been stolen in the United States. In fact, it happens about every 44 seconds, amounting to more than $715,000 a year. That equals about a total loss of $4.3 billion nationwide.

If you live in California or D.C. and you drive a Honda sedan, your chances of getting your car jacked are even worse. If you live in New Hampshire, your chances are fairly low.


California dominates when it comes to motor vehicle theft with four of the top five MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas). At a state level, urban Washington D.C. has the highest rate of auto theft, with New Hampshire enjoying the least amount of vehicle theft.

Super Circuits created a nice infographic below showing the story behind car thefts in the United States.  While we create products to help protect your windshield, this might also be a good reminder to invest in something that could protect your entire care from theft. Check out ClearPlex window protection in action.

Vehicle Theft in the United States Infographic
Infographic by Supercircuits