ClearPlex® Sponsors 2013 Porsche Parade

August 13, 2013

ClearPlex® was a proud sponsor of the 2013 Porsche Parade. The 2013 event was held in Traverse City, Michigan from June 23-28. The parade is the PCA’s annual convention and is a weeklong event that is fun for the whole family. You don’t have to own a Porsche to enjoy this event, however, many Porsche owners find it to be the perfect way to spend a week visiting with friends, seeing a new area of the country, and of course, ogling the many beautiful cars.

The Porsche Parade offers social events, competitive events, and lots of fun. There were four competitive events: the concours, autocross, TSD rally, and tech quiz. Some of the social activities included:

  • Art Show
  • 5k Run/Walk
  • Golf Tournament
  • Gimmick Rally
  • Banquets
  • R/C Car races
  • The Michelin Drive and Compare
  • Driving tours

Roughly 2000 people attended this year, most of who arrived in their beautiful, and much loved Porsches. It is the perfect event if you want to talk Porsche. You can simply walk around any parking lot until you see a car or feature you love, and strike up a conversation with the owner. Everyone is happy to share their knowledge and opinions about Porsches. Hans-Peter Porsche himself visited this year’s event; he is the 73-year-old grandson of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and son of Ferry Porsche.  

The 2013 Porsche Parade offered plenty to do and see, from great events to great vendors. We are so happy we were able to sponsor such an amazing, and well-organized event.  

ClearPlex® is the first and only optically-clear protection film for auto windshields. As this customer illustrated, it absorbs the impact of standard road hazards, leaving the glass free from rock chips, pitting, and other damage.  It takes the impact so the glass doesn’t have to, leaving a pin-point on the film, making it possible to still see out the window.

One of the previous Porsche Parade attendees who had ClearPlex® installed before driving home shared this experience with us: "On the way home, a stone on the interstate hit the windshield. It was so big and loud a hit that I automatically had a reflex reaction and turned my face away. It certainly would have meant I needed a new windshield but with the ClearPlex all I have is a small tear. I am very glad to be writing you from home with an intact windshield instead of from a glass shop or some place even scarier. Thanks again." -John