ClearPlex App Picks of the Month

August 08, 2013

Every month, we will be highlighting useful and entertaining apps that many smart device users overlook.  

1. Find My iPhone

Don’t let the name of this app deceive you—this app isn’t only for iPhones; it will help you find your iPad as well, not to mention your iPod or MacBook.  If you’re like me and you forget where you parked the car more often than not, this is a must-download app.


2. Speedtest X HD

If your internet service has been spotty, this app can help you make your case when you call your ISP to complain about your connection.  Few things are more frustrating or inconvenient than a slow internet connection, so getting this app can at least give you the information you need to get your ISP on the right page.

3. Comics

The name of this app is self-explanatory enough.  With all the summer blockbusters and rumors of new action movies on the horizon, this app can help bring back your nostalgia for comic books, or introduce you to the world of DC, Marvel, etc.  This app includes dozens of free comics, and with the iPad, you can display an entire page without having to scroll or zoom.

4. IM+

Don’t you hate jumping from IM service to IM service, only to forget which conversation is where?  I do.  IM + makes multi-tasking easier by allowing you to run various IM services in a single app. 



Protect Your Screen, Protect Your Apps

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