Windshields can have computers too.

December 05, 2012

Technology is constantly changing and improving the way we live every day. An article from the Wall Street Journal highlights another piece of technology that General Motors Co. and Daimler AG are currently working to develop.

Computers for your windshield. 

Photo Credit: Daimler AG

Using augmented reality technology, developers are working to allow information to be displayed on windshields while drivers are driving. Information displayed on the windshield would help drivers navigate difficult areas and also provide the driver with information about what they don't notice while driving. 

This new technology would combine sensors that watched outside the vehicle as well as one that would watch where your eyes, as the driver, as looking to insure that you don't get in an accident.

Augmented reality technology allows for graphics to be projected onto real world images. 

The question is: will this technology truly help drivers and increase their safety? Or will the digital projected images on the windshield become so distracting to drivers that safety issues actually increase?

Another thought - the technology should be extremely user friendly in order for drivers to be able to navigate and use the technology without thinking about it too deeply.

Here's a link to the Wall Street Journal article:

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