Make sure you love the screen you've got

July 10, 2012

Have you ever been showing someone a video on your laptop and they ask you to tilt it forward and then all of the sudden you can’t see it? Think about it, your screen on any of your devices, is how you view and interact with your device. If you skimp on that?
How many times have you been browsing reddit, stalking your ex on facebook, starting a new campaign in Diablo III, watching a cat do something hilarious on YouTube, or just plain staring at the screen because there isn’t anything better to do and you realize that your eyes feel like they are going to explode. That is the time that you realize 
A. you have a bad screen or 
B. you have been staring at a monitor for the past 48 hours without blinking
If it the reason is A, make sure that your next purchase will be a little wiser. Check the resolution, screen technology, and to make doubly sure by walking into your local tech retailer and check out the displays in person. Remember you are going to be staring at that for a ridiculous amount of time in the near future.

If you want to enjoy your device make sure a good screen is high up on your device specs cheat sheet. Make sure that you also get something to protect that beautiful screen, you wouldn’t want something to happen to it would you?

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