iPad 3... ClearPlex is ready!

March 06, 2012

Tomorrow Apple is scheduled to announce yet another of its amazing products.  Will it be the iPad 3 or the iPad HD?  Will it be a new Apple TV supporting 1080 or more resolution?  Will it be a list of media content designed for higher resolution devices? ClearPlex is ready!

Regardless of what it will be, if you are a technology fan you know that the world has spent the last decade tuning in at every Apple product announcement. 

Why is that?  Let’s be frank, because Apple’s innovative mindset has translated into awesome products that have revolutionized our lives.   And all of us, like it or not, just can’t get enough of it.

Rumor has it that it’s a higher resolution (Retina) display iPad, with a few extra features such a higher processor (possibly a Dual-Core A5X), and LTE technology.  Obviously a higher resolution mobile device like this would require new higher resolution content, but we know Apple has been in the making with that for several months.  So some of that content should be available.  And to enjoy it on current HDTVs Apple is forced to put out an upgrade to the Apple TV.  So, at least this 3-member-team should be expected from tomorrow’s event.

Apple, and other tech companies like it, are surrounded by an ecosystem of worldwide companies whose ultimate goal is to produce accessories and tools that will allow users to protect, personalize, and foster the use of the new products.

But here’s something you haven’t heard yet from the rumors vineyard. There’s ANOTHER GREAT INNOVATIVE PRODUCT that is ready to welcome whatever Apple wants to throw at it.  It’s the new touch screen shield from Clearplex.  This is NOTHING like the others.  This is the shield that magnifies its role to shield your beautifully earned iPad or iPhone.  This is THE Shield every shield covets to be.

If you see it, if you feel it, you know it’s the real deal.

This shield is an optical clear screen protector that was originally designed for road and racing vehicles of all sizes.   This invisible protection film is incredibly impact and protects your touch screen from scratching, which maximizes the life and integrity of your screen.

You probably think, “yeah, and how thick is this thing?!” We LOVE that question.  That’s the best part!  It’s so thin you don’t even realize it’s on your device.  And that allows you to fit any additional case, or bumper you want to put on.  You see, we believe a good shield should not limit you from using the full features of your device, not limit you from an accessory point of view, and especially not to take away from your touch-screen experience.  

Most of the shields out there are rubber feel which make playing games or simple scrolling sticky.  No, there’s nothing about sticky with the Clearplex shield.  This thing is Smooth in every sense!

And that’s why people love Clearplex.   Apple’s new Retina display is too awesome to be ruined by a coat of transparent rubber that reduces your visual experience.   Clearplex will not have any impact on such clearness.  

So, when in a few days you are going to be up late at night, waiting to hit that “ORDER” button from the Apple store to secure yourself the very first iPad 3/HD, make sure you keep in mind you want the very best shield the world has to offer to enjoy your newly acquired toy with the peace of mind you deserve!  So forget the wannabes and go Clearplex!

Matt Durazzani, Lead User