ClearPlex Screen Protector saves iPhone Touchscreen

November 28, 2011

We love positive feedback from our customers! Jeff R. from Salt Lake City sent us this email with a video of his iPhone that was saved by ClearPlex.


ClearPlex saved by phone. When I bought my new iPhone, I placed a ClearPlex shield
on it. One of the best decisions I made with my phone. I own a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
My Jeep has a back door that opens up vertically. I was getting a bag out of the back
of my Jeep and shu
t the door. When I shut my Jeep’s back door, I slam it pretty hard
due to the fact that it comes down vertically. As I was walking away, I could not find
my phone. As I searched my pockets, I started to get anxious that I had lost it. As I
mentally replayed my steps, I realized that I had probably left my phone in the last place
I was, my car. I knew I had been in the back of the car and had probably placed my
phone down when I need both hands to search for my bag. As I opened my back door,
I came to the horrible realization that I had left it right on the back edge where the door
comes down to shut. I instantly thought right away that I had shattered the screen of
my phone. I picked up my phone and turned on the screen. I saw a large “crack looking
line” across my screen. I thought, “oh no, here we go, I just got this phone”. As I pulled up
the ClearPlex screen to see how bad it was, I came to the amazing realization that my
screen was clean. It had been protected from my ClearPlex shield. No damage to the
screen. I was so happy that I had my ClearPlex shield to protect my phone. It truly saved
my phone and I will never use a different phone shield.
-Jeff R