Beyond Smartphones: Why iPod Touch Screen Covers are a Good Idea

November 26, 2013

An iPod touch is a fun, cool device, and one that kids and adults alike can enjoy. It costs roughly $200, and can cost more with added storage, cases, and other features. Because an iPod touch is not exactly cheap, it is important to protect your investment with a screen cover. Many people debate the necessity of using a screen protector, but here are five reasons why it is a good idea:

1. Protection from scratches

The best part of the iPod touch is the interactive touch screen. You can play games, watch movies, and more with the touch screen. It is a great device, but that greatness is lessened if the screen is scratched. No matter how careful you try to be, there is a good chance that your screen will get scratched, even if it is just micro-scratches. That is what happens when you have a device that is often placed in pockets or purses with keys, coins, and the like. A scratched screen is no fun, but it is easily avoided by using a screen cover.

2. Protection from dirt, smudges, and oil from fingertips

The touch screen, while a great feature, is meant to be touched, which means that the surface you use to view media will pick up dirt, smudges and oil from your fingers. It won’t take much use before the screen looks dirty. You can protect your screen from the oil and dirt transferred to it by your hands by using a screen cover or protector.

3. Protection from breaking, or at least reducing the chances

Hop on any classified ad site, eBay, etc., and if you look at used iPod touches you will see many that have “slight crack” or “scratching” on them. A screen cover protects screen from cracking and breaking if dropped. While it can not stop it from ever breaking, as with enough force, it is going to break, it will protect it and require a lot more force be used to cause damage. No matter how careful you are, there will be times when it slips from your pocket, or falls out of your hand and hits the floor. Don’t let that be the cause of a broken screen.

4. Protects your investment in a cost-effective way

We have already mentioned many ways that a screen cover protects your investment, but let’s talk about why you should use a screen cover instead of, say, insurance. The biggest reason is simply that a screen cover is more cost-effective. A good screen protector does not cost anywhere near as much as insurance or a new screen. Most screen protectors cost $20 or less. It is a one-time payment, rather than a monthly cost. You get a physical product.

5. Reduces heat

When you read the owner’s manual for your iPod touch, you will see that it address extreme heat and cold. Leaving your iPod touch in the car, for example, can cause it to overheat, and shorten the life of your device. A screen protector with a UV stabilizer can help to reduce the amount of heat that reaches your iPod touch, even when you accidentally leave it in a car or in direct sunlight.


As you can see, protecting your iPod touch with a screen cover prolongs life, improves use, and protects your screen, all at a low, one-time cost. For more information on screen protectors, take a look at our Product page.