Why an iPhone 5S Screen Protector Is the Best Insurance You Can Get

November 08, 2013

Via freedigitalphotos.net

Most of us hesitate to buy insurance, whether it’s life insurance, health insurance, or any other kind. That’s because we hate feeling that we are spending money for something that we won’t actually use, which is always the risk with insurance. There are a couple a things we can all agree on, though. First of all, having protection for your phone is better than having no protection. Second, we can also agree that smartphones aren’t cheap, especially if you’re paying full retail price for a replacement phone after an accident.


When you buy a smartphone, you’re usually given the opportunity to purchase insurance. It’s rarely an easy choice, because it’s usually quite expensive. Many people go ahead and purchase it, reasoning that it’s worth a smaller payment up front to avoid the risk of wasting several hundred dollars purchasing a new phone. Others decide not to buy it, and then wish they had later on because they damaged their uninsured phone. Neither scenario is ideal, and both scenarios cost the user a fair amount of money. Isn’t there a less expensive option?


One solution to avoiding the insurance plan headache is to buy an alternative form of protection for your phone that is more affordable. Buying a screen protector is an excellent way to do that, protecting the screen – a frequently damaged part of phones. You will end up spending only a fraction of the amount on a screen protector that you would on an insurance plan, so you won’t have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Most screen protectors cost $20 or less. And, while with an insurance plan you might have to wait for weeks to get your phone repaired or replaced, with a screen protector you have instantaneous protection. There’s no need to fill out forms or talk to anyone, and you don’t have to worry about potentially reinstalling applications and other information you need on a new device. It’s no mystery that millions of phones have cracked screens. Even with the latest glass technology, your phone is still highly vulnerable to sudden impact such as being dropped. It’s better to avoid the damage in the first place by getting a screen protector.


Another advantage of a screen protector is that you won’t have to bother with the nuisance of making monthly payments. A screen protector gives your phone protection right away while only requiring a small, one-time purchase. The best screen protectors are so smooth and clear that you won’t notice them at all, and they won’t impair the touch sensitivity of your screen. Compared to the hassle and stress of having to pay for insurance every month, buying a screen protector is an easy decision.


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